A good mic stand keeps the mic steady, and it prevents the mic from picking up structure-borne noise. For those who are engaged in singing, live broadcasting and other occupations, it is believed that the microphone stand is essential. Our KDD brand recently launched a new microphone stand, let's take a look.

 The functions and performance of this product can be divided into the following points:

  • Excellent 2-in-1 Tabletop Mic Stand. The KDD microphone desk stand features a novel square base design that can accommodate your cell phone phone as a text prompter at the same time. The well-made weighted base, 6.49 inches in diameter, has an offset center of gravity for improved weight-bearing capacity and can support heavy microphones without tipping over. Four non-slip pads on the bottom of the mic holder protect your desk from scratches.
  • Professional Multifunctional Configuration. Multifunctional mic stand desk with POP Filters, shock mount, universal microphone clip, 5/8 conversion nut and 5 cable ties. The professional microphone stand kit is compatible with Blue Yeti Snowball and can be used with Audio-Technica AT2020 AT2020USB+ AT2035 ATR2500 ATR2100-USB, Samson q2u, Shure sm58, sm48 and other microphones.
  • Flexible Height Adjustment. The height of this retractable microphone stand can be adjusted from 11.5-15.3 inches, allowing you to easily position the microphone at a height that suits your needs. The desktop mic stand's shock mount and universal mic clip are both adjustable at 180° .
  • High Quality Recording Studio Equipment . The POP Filter equipped with our mic arm stand adopts a double-layer screen, which can effectively block air impact and reduce vocal pop and hiss, providing you with better recording quality The flexible gooseneck connector can be rotated 360°, you can easily adjust the angle and height by bending the gooseneck.
  • Easy to Use. This Blue Yeti microphone stand is easy to install and use, you can refer to the user guide to easily assemble the mic stand and the ready to move desktop microphone stand is perfect for singing, screencasting, recording studio, podcast, video chat, conference, lecture, broadcast, live interview and more.

 If you have a need for a microphone, you might as well try our KDD Desktop Microphone Stand.