The dental water flosser is a handy treasure for many people nowadays because it is easy to carry and can remove the residues in the mouth very well. However, since many of the products are rechargeable, many people have the dental water flosser to pass the security check. If you have any questions, let's take a look together.

 Do I need to take the water flosser out when I go through security?

The dental water flosser needs to be taken out when you go through security

 Everyone knows that when you take an airplane, you need to go through the security check, and your luggage should also be checked carefully, especially the electronic equipment with batteries, which needs to be specially taken out for inspection. Of course, the dental water flosser is no exception, and the dental water flosser also has lithium batteries. It also needs to be taken out for inspection. If there is no problem, you can pass the security inspection.

 Can a dental water flosser be brought on a plane?

Whether the dental water flosser can be brought on the plane mainly depends on the size of the dental water flosser you purchased. According to regulations, you cannot carry more than 100ml of cosmetics on the plane, as well as electronic products with high battery capacity, etc. While the dental water flosser does not have Among the restricted products, it is an auxiliary tool for cleaning the mouth, and it is divided into portable and desktop, usually portable one can be brought on the plane, and whether the desktop one can be carried, you need to consult the airline.

 Should the dental water flosser be checked or carried with you?

The water flosser can be carried with you or checked in.

 Is the dental water flosser included in many people's cosmetic bags? It is because of this that the dental water flosser should be checked or carried with you, which has become a question that everyone has. One item (two items can be brought in first class cabin), and the weight cannot exceed 5 kg. If it exceeds the quantity, weight and volume, it needs to be checked in.

 Carrying a dental water flosser to clean your teeth during travel is a current trend. If you also plan to travel and want to clean your teeth well, you can try our KUSKER Dental Water Flosser.