As people pay more and more attention to oral health, dental flossers are becoming more and more popular, so what is the working principle of dental flossers?

 What is the function of dental flosser?

  1.  The dental flosser is a useful and convenient household electrical appliance. Its pump body produces 1200 ultra-fine high-pressure pulsed water columns per minute. Through the exquisitely designed nozzle, it can arbitrarily rinse any part of the oral cavity, including the tongue and nasal cavity. After a meal, just rinse for 1-3 minutes to wash away the food residue between the teeth.
  2.  The high-pressure pulsed water flow of the dental flosser is a kind of soft stimulation, not only will not hurt the mouth or any part of the face, but also has the health care function of massaging the gums, which feels very comfortable.
  3.  The dental flosser is easy to operate and can be used by almost every elderly person and child. Just use clean water. Patients with oral diseases can also add mouthwash or analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs to enhance some effects.
  4.  The dental flosser is used for daily teeth and oral cleaning, which can effectively maintain dental health and assist in the treatment of various oral diseases such as gingivitis. Because usually brushing can only clean the surface of the teeth, and the food residue in the gaps between the teeth that brushing cannot take into account becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Using a dental flosser can use the pressure of strong pulsed water to clean the gaps between the teeth. Toothpick floss is similar, but it cleans better than toothpick floss, and it will not cause physical damage to the gums due to direct contact with rigid objects.
  5.  In addition to cleaning the plaque and food residues between the teeth and gingival sulcus, it can also promote the secretion of high-oxygen saliva, thereby improving the bad smell of the mouth.

 What is the working principle of dental flosser?

The water flosser pressurizes the water through the pump body to generate a high-frequency water vapor mixed pulse water column, and the water column is aimed at the interdental space or gingival sulcus through the nozzle, and the plaque in these areas is washed away by the high-pressure water column.