In life, having teeth as white as shellfish will add points to your image! But in reality, many people find that even if they pay attention to maintaining their teeth, it is still difficult to whiten their teeth. What is the reason for this?

 Tooth staining and yellowing can be roughly divided into endogenous and exogenous. Exogenous coloring is due to the existence of a variety of bacteria on the tooth surface, which secrete a lot of sticky substances. Tea stains, smoke stains in daily diet and certain minerals in drinking water are adsorbed on these sticky substances, gradually making the Teeth turn yellow or black. Endogenous coloring is formed during tooth development. If tetracycline is deposited in the dentin, the tooth will turn yellow, brown or dark gray, which is called tetracycline tooth; if there is too much fluoride in drinking water, it may also cause Lead to dental fluorosis, the tooth surface is white chalk, brown plaque, if the combination of dental nerve necrosis and bacterial decomposition products can also make the teeth black. For exogenously stained teeth, coffee, tea, smoking, and red wine are the main culprits. There are a large number of smokers in China, many of whom are female smokers, and the teeth of two to three billion people are yellow and black. The impact of coffee, red wine and tea on teeth cannot be ignored.

 Teeth Whitening Methods

      1.  Brush your teeth properly

Use the Pasteur brushing method, choose a soft-bristled toothbrush, point the toothbrush and the long axis of the tooth at a 45°angle to the root tip, press the gingiva-tooth junction, so that part of the bristles enter the gingival sulcus, Spread a part on the gingival margin, and extend into the adjacent space as far as possible, and use gentle pressure to make the bristles vibrate 10 times horizontally in the original position in a short distance in the front and back direction. When vibrating, the toothbrush moves only about 1mm, brushing 2 to 3 teeth each time. When moving the toothbrush to the next set of teeth, pay attention to the overlap. Insist on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, and brush your teeth for about 3 minutes each time.

      2.  Rinse your mouth more and eat less sugary gum

Many friends keep a box of chewing gum on their desks at any time, and they will chew it when their breath is not fresh, but this practice is actually very easy to make teeth yellow, and even dental caries, while rinsing mouth does not have such troubles , Gargling with water can clean the tartar on the teeth, and at the same time reduce the bacteria in the oral cavity and prevent tooth decay. Therefore, if you want your teeth to be white, try to eat less or not to eat chewing gum from now on.

      3. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning every six months

Professional oral care is one of the best ways to keep teeth white. It does not need to be very frequent. It is enough to do dental care every six months. Professional oral care can help us greatly reduce dental caries, tooth decay, yellow teeth, etc. In addition, you can also ask the doctor during the nursing process, the condition of your teeth in the past six months, and whether there are any living habits that need to be changed.

      4. Smoke less or not

Be sure to smoke less or not to smoke, so as to avoid yellow teeth, which is caused by the smoke substances in cigarettes attached to the teeth, so we can see that the teeth of people who smoke regularly are always yellow. The reason is caused, so smoking less, or not smoking is the best way to protect the whiteness of teeth.

      5. Change your toothbrush every three months

Brushing your teeth is the best way to keep your teeth white, but you must pay attention to one thing. It is best to replace the toothbrush every three months. Generally speaking, the cleaning effect of the toothbrush will be greatly reduced if it is used for more than three months. In addition, the increase in bacteria in the toothbrush can also cause the teeth to not be cared for optimally, resulting in yellowing.