Oral irrigators are know by many names such as water flossers, water picks, and dental water jets. But by any name, they use a tiny, pressurized stream of water to help care for dental and gum health. The blast of water helps remove particles of food and bacteria from between the teeth and below the gum line. Oral irrigators basically function as a water version of dental floss. They are perfect for those that have a hard time using floss, like my son who has braces. That is why I am happy to partner with Kusker. They have provided me with a Kusker Water Dental Flosser Cordless Portable Oral Irrigator For Teeth in order to facilitate my review. They will also provide one to the lucky winner of the reader giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Kusker water flosser review

Looking For The Best Water Flosser For Braces?

If you or your child wears braces, have non-removable bridgework, crown, or dental implants, you may find that traditional dental floss can be hard to use. For this reason water flossers are often recommended. In fact, after my son’s last trip to the dentist, they informed me that his gums were inflamed and that a water irrigator may help him do a better job keeping his gum line clean and healthy. With this in mind, I got on it and found that there have been some cool advances in this area. They now have cordless portable oral irrigators. I love these!

When his sister had braces, water flossers had a long cord from the water well. I just knew that was likely to be a hassle for Leo to use. Plus, there was the chance of overturning the water well all over the bathroom counter. Therefore, to me, it is clear that the best water flosser is one that is cordless and portable with the water tank build into the handle. So I selected the Kusker Water Dental Flosser Cordless Portable Oral Irrigator for Leo to try.

Kusker Water Dental Flosser Cordless Portable Oral Irrigator Review

So here are the features of the Kusker water dental flosser:

  • 30-Day Battery Life
  • 300ml Detachable Water Tank & IPX7 waterproof
  • Up to 1400-1800 pulses/minute
  • 4 Flossing Modes & auto-timer protect
  • 4 different colors nozzles
  • Easy accessible water refills
  • Available in 5 different color choices

oral irrigator

It comes with a detachable USB charging cord and has a 30 day battery life. So you only have to charge it once a month and that is pretty convenient. The rest of the time you can keep the cord stored out of sight which is great for keeping things looking tidy in your bathroom.

My favorite part about the oral irrigator is the water tank is built into the handle. No water cords or water wells waiting to tip over. It is fully detachable so it is easy to fill or empty.

It pulses 1400-1800 times per minute. This means that it is a powerful waterjet that can clean your teeth and gums efficiently.

It has 4 flossing modes and my son is using soft right now because his gums are fairly sensitive. As his gum health improves, he can switch to normal.

It even comes with four different color nozzles. So four different kids can safely use the same irrigator by just using their own colored tip. Or you have extra head on hand to replace the old ones if you are the only user.

How to use water flosser?

  1. Before your first use, charge for the oral irrigator for about 8 hours to get a full charge which will last for a month.
  2. Add water to the tank.
  3. Install the tip by pressing down until it clicks.
  4. Chose the mode.
  5. Put into your mouth and lean over the sink.
  6. Press power and direct stream of water between your teeth and along your gumline.
  7. Turn off and spit water as needed.

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Does water flosser work?

Water flossers work to help clean between teeth and along gum line with a jet of water. The stream of water helps removes particles of food as well as bacteria build up.

My son is really liking his water flosser and it is working to improve his gum health as well as giving him noticeably fresher breath. I am really happy to have this oral irrigator for my son because gum health is essential to dental health. I am not paying all that money for braces to straighten his teeth without ensuring that he keeps his teeth with good dental care.

Where To Buy The Best Water Flosser

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