Refocus Your Oral Care On Protection With The Kusker Water Flosser
The experts who produce the Kusker dental flosser cordless oral irrigator bring you the top three ways to protect your teeth and gums for a healthier smile.

3 Oral Hygiene Tips to Protect Your Teeth

1. Ensure you follow a strict hygiene schedule
The key to protecting your teeth long-term is to follow a structured oral hygiene routine.

Aim to brush your teeth twice per day at a minimum. Most people benefit from brushing their teeth after breakfast and just before bed. Brushing your teeth using the appropriate tools ensures that you remove food and harmful plaque before it has the chance to build up on your teeth.

Additionally, brushing with toothpaste regularly infuses your teeth and gums with essential minerals to support their longevity.

2. Visit your dentist on a regular basis
Dentists train for over half a decade to become experts in oral health. Therefore, there is no one better to advise you on how to protect your mouth.

Although you may be able to sustain a suitable oral hygiene routine at home, having yearly checkups with a professional can ensure you are meeting your oral health goals and providing you protect your teeth for years to come. In addition, you only get one set of adult teeth, so it is worth paying for adequate dental care to avoid costly procedures late down the line.

3. Use the right oral care products
Most people know that they should use a toothbrush and brush with fluoride toothpaste to protect their teeth. However, are you also using an oral irrigation tool to ensure maximum protection between your dental checkups?

The Kusker K001 water flosser is ideal for flossing regularly as because it is an oral irrigator water flosser it can create a high-pressure water pulse to clean even the tightest of spaces between your teeth. Additionally, it is cordless, making this water dental flosser perfect for travel and keeping your bathroom looking tidy at all times.

Try the Kusker Water Flosser
If you are looking for the best way to keep your mouth healthy and protect your teeth and gums for decades, try out the best cordless water flosser on the market from Kusker Care. Add a dose of technology into your oral care routine and get excited to start taking care of your mouth again.