In daily life, most people only brush their teeth when they brush their teeth. When they brush their tongues, they will feel a little nauseous, but if they don’t brush their tongues, the tongue coating will cause bad breath. So it seems that the tongue also needs to be cleaned, so should you brush the tongue when brushing your teeth?

 Do you need to brush your tongue when brushing your teeth?

Brushing your teeth requires brushing your tongue. Because there are more than 700 kinds of bacteria in our mouth, and the taste buds on the tongue coating are uneven, it is also a place to hide dirt, which is easy to cause bacteria to accumulate and cause oral diseases. Therefore, cleaning the tongue coating is also an important step to purify the oral cavity. The attached friction surface is used to brush the tongue.

 Why brush your tongue?

There are many bacteria living on the tongue, some of which are pathogenic bacteria that cause tooth decay, periodontitis and other diseases. There's also plenty of research showing that quite a few bacteria in the tongue coat break down proteins, producing foul-smelling sulphur compounds, the sociably embarrassing bad breath. Gently brushing the tongue while brushing teeth, that is, using mechanical force to remove part of the tongue coating, especially the various bacteria mixed in it, can effectively reduce bad breath and prevent oral diseases.

 The benefits of brushing your tongue

  • Relieve bad breath

The base of the tongue and under the tongue are favored hiding places for bacteria, and the food residues that remain on the tongue coating for a long time are easily spoiled and deteriorated, resulting in bad breath. Brushing the tongue coating regularly can play a role in freshening your breath. Studies show that brushing your tongue can reduce the sulfur-containing gases that cause bad breath by about 75%.

  •  Prevent oral diseases

The surface of the tongue coating, especially the thicker coating, often contains many substances harmful to health, such as pathogenic bacteria, histamines, molds and viruses, which are one of the important causes of oral odor and bad breath, and also cause oral or periodontitis. direct cause. Therefore, brushing the tongue correctly can prevent various oral diseases.

  •  Improve the sense of taste

Because a lot of tongue coating accumulates on the human tongue, it will affect people's sense of taste. Repeatedly brushing the tongue with a soft toothbrush is easy to clean up the tongue coating, thereby improving the acuity of taste. But be careful not to brush too hard, so as not to damage the taste buds.