Nowadays, oral problems have become a concern for many people, and past negligence has also led to the occurrence of oral hidden dangers in most people. The cleaning of the oral cavity must be paid attention to. The most commonly used cleaning method is brushing the teeth, but brushing the teeth cannot completely clean the oral cavity, so if you want to do a complete oral cleaning, the use of auxiliary cleaning tools is essential. The most common cleaning tools are floss and irrigator, but which one is better?

 First of all, we need to know the properties of the two. Dental floss is generally composed of nylon thread, silk thread or polyester thread. By going deep between the teeth, the dental plaque on the adjacent surface between the teeth is cleaned, and the dental plaque can only rely on physical Rub to clean.

 There are two different types of dental floss: dental floss and dental floss sticks. Similarly, it is necessary to insert the thread segment into the middle of the teeth for a plaque cleaning, so as to ensure that there is no plaque residue between our teeth, but in addition to In addition to cleaning the plaque between the teeth, the dental floss has no ability to clean the bacteria in the mouth, nor can it penetrate deeply. In the initial use, it may cause bleeding gums due to improper operation.

 The dental irrigator uses the impact of water to wash away bacteria and food residues in the deep part of the oral cavity. Its high-pressure water flow can penetrate deep into the places where the toothbrush and floss cannot reach. Daily brushing and gargling cannot remove the gums. The bacteria in the grooves and folds are taken away, and they can only be impacted away by means of a dental irrigator.

 The difference between a dental irrigator and a dental floss is that the dental floss is used to treat the plaque on the adjacent surface between the teeth and clean the layers that cannot be touched by the toothbrush, while the dental irrigator is to deal with the bacteria and food residues between the teeth and the mouth. But since it can't use physical friction, it can't remove plaque.

 Therefore, floss and irrigator are not the same type of tooth cleaning products, they are used to complement each other so that oral cleaning can be done in place. The impact of the water flow of the dental irrigator can remove all the bacteria in the oral cavity, and can also effectively prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease and tooth decay.