The Kusker K001 cordless water dental flosser, also called Kusker oral irrigator, is a portable oral care tool that provides water flow to remove food particles, plaque, and germs between your teeth gums.

Latest pulse technology & DIY Mode
KUSKER K001 water dental flosser adopts the latest floss pulse technology to help clean every corner of your mouth. The DIY mode allows the oral irrigator to adjust the water pressure power in the range of different tooth problems to obtain a suitable water pressure and a more comfortable floss cleaning effect.
With 1800 times/minute powerful pulse, KUSKER K001 oral irrigator can massage your gum, deeply clean up dental calculus and food debris, and prevent bleeding gums, teeth stain, bad breath, and other oral problems.

4 jet nozzles with different colors fulfill the whole family's teeth clean.
The Kusker K001 oral irrigator has 4 Modes to choose the suitable wat for cleaning:
Normal Mode (120 PSI): for adults and experienced users.
Soft Mode (30 PSI): for kids, beginners, and those with sensitive teeth, mouth ulcers, or braces.
Pulse Mode (30 & 120 PSI): for gums massage and rinse.
Upgraded DIY Mode (From 30 to 120 PSI): for everyone, just choose the most comfortable pressure.

It is IPX7 waterproof having a 300ml detachable water tank
The Kusker K001 cordless water dental floss has a 300ml water tank that has enough capacity to hold enough water for your cleaning process. The water tank is detachable hence ease in cleaning the flosser tank. The oral irrigator has an in-built and external waterproof system that prevents water leakage and is suitable for use while taking a shower.

KUSKER K001 water dental flosser has a 1500mAh battery that can be fully charged using a USB cable within 8 hours only. Once full, the battery can last for 30days. Comes with a USB charging cable for charging anywhere or in any country.

Are you looking for the best cordless water dental floss? Get the KUSKER cordless water dental flosser for teeth.

Make sure you have pointed it into your mouth before you turn it on. Do not take the oral irrigator out of your mouth while it's working.
Won't use it for a long time, please keep the water tank dry.
The flosser cannot replace the dentist, please consult your doctor if you feel unwell.