Many people for the first teeth clean brand is Waterpik. But now more people want to use when they for travel or business, then need to choose more portable water flosser, Then Kusker water flosser appears, It is more portable for carrying out, It has so many advantages for traveling.

Elegant and Small Size

The total height of the water flosser with the tank (excluding the nozzle) is 9.21 inches. And it's around 3.11 inches in diameter. So it can sit very quietly in the corner of your hand package.

portable water flosser

Portable for Whole Family Use

4 jet nozzles with different colors fulfill the whole family's teeth clean. Featuring a compact size and cordless design, it can fit into your backpacks or travel bags easily and ensure incredible portability wherever you go. 

A Small but still Good Water Flosser

With the travel pack size, the Kusker water flosser still has 4 modes that can reach 120PSI. It has 8 hours fast charge time and can last 30days.

Let's pack with kusker water flosser for the amazing travlling.