When we speak approximately a travel backpack, a toothbrush is the first thing on the packing list. There's infrequently any trouble with manual toothbrushes, as you could definitely toss them for your grooming kit.

However, when you have switched to electric toothbrushes, there is no going to return to the traditional version. As a result, you want to be extra cautious even when packing your bag. While the maximum of the best electric toothbrush fashions may be linked to a USB port, you'll nevertheless hope to avoid carrying more cords.

Is it Possible to Bring Travel Electric Toothbrush on the Plane?

Strict airport regulations regarding what you could and can not carry aren't any secret. It can sometimes and then be tough to understand what passes for hand luggage and what must be safe to pack into your suitcase. Firstly, it's miles crucial to word that the TSA (Transport Security Administration) does now no longer limits flying with any of the great tour electric powered toothbrushes on the market.

It is excellent handy to carry them along so long as the toothbrush charges with a detachable lithium-ion AAA battery. Lithium batteries pose a fire risk and are only consequently allowed in checked bags, however, there aren't any such limitations in the case of a chargeable battery.

While a toothbrush is probably permitted at the plane, it's far more important to word that toothpaste weight is constrained to 3.4 ounces! Also, it isn't authorized to carry larger tubes with less quantity of toothpaste in it. Therefore, you've counseled to percent a smaller tube to your oral health care.

Note - It is suggested to check the guidelines of your destination if journeying internationally.

Reasons to Carry Your Electric Toothbrush withinside the Hand Luggage:

  • Convenience: your checked luggage may get not on time. So, having your electric toothbrush in a hand backpack means you can have clean teeth while you wait for your luggage's arrive. On longer flights, you may be capable of complying with your brushing habits as well.
  • Safety: It has additionally been noticed that people regularly bitch of valuables being stolen from their checked bags. As such, you could be losing your favorite electric toothbrush. Therefore, you must take it to the aircraft with you.
  • Battery: A standard rechargeable electric toothbrush contains encased NiMH or lithium-ion cells. In this case, you could connect the smart toothbrush to a USB charger in place of removing the battery pack and connecting it to a charging station. Airport security hints will allow you to take alongside an encased battery-powered toothbrush. Doing so reduces the risk of any malfunctions or fire accidents.

How to Store Electric Toothbrush Heads for Travel ?

If you're the use of an electric toothbrush, you'll want to meticulously store the toothbrush heads. Like you will make sure to keep the top part of a manual toothbrush wrapped in a small plastic box, you also could put the toothbrush head to save you contamination. After all, sanitation should be your pinnacle priority, for the reason that the toothbrush head goes to be on your mouth to maintain the teeth clean.

  • Use a Travel Case for your electric toothbrush 
  • Look for a Travel Cap for a toothbrush.

Reasons to Pick Kusker Sonic Electric Toothbrush Over Manual Toothbrush

Extensive studies have verified that people the use Kusker or different electric toothbrushes have more healthy gums, less tooth decay, and a better brushing experience.

Electric toothbrushes have longer battery existence which could last as long as 30 days. As a result, you don't need to take a charger alongside you for any short-length trips.

Travel electric toothbrushes offer more strokes per minute than feasible from a manual one. Therefore, power devices provide better mouth cleaning and keep your teeth white.

Electric toothbrushes have a two-minute timer to ensure that teeth in each space get proper cleaning time.

For long-distance trips, you could easily take the Kusker brushing kits with a travel adapter and the smart electric brush for your carry-on instead of packing them in suitcases.


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