Dentists around the world usually propose brushing your teeth for 2 mins two times an afternoon morning and night. Preferably as a way to brush your teeth for 2 mins, you need a timer, Then you would realize how long you've got been brushing.

If you brush with a manual toothbrush, you may depend on using a wristwatch or perhaps a clock on the wall, or a lot of people simply guess how long they have been brushing, the truth is they do not brush for teeth so long.

So electric toothbrushes or the extensive majority of electric toothbrushes may have a timer built-in, and that timer is designed to be counted down the number of the 2 mins for which you brush your teeth.


A toothbrush timer is a tool that facilitates you to brush your tooth for the proper amount of time.

A toothbrush timer is particularly welcome with kids who're simply beginning to collect desirable oral hygiene habits. Adults can also advantage of toothbrush timers, which are sometimes bundled with electric toothbrushes. These timers are probably virtual clocks, laptop apps, or easy hourglasses, further to being a part of a toothbrush or toothbrush attachment.

The toothbrush timer works through beeping at periods to inform you when moving to the following a part of your mouth. It additionally has a timer in order to display you ways lengthy you’ve been brushing so far. The common time is two minutes, however, it may range from person to person relying on their needs and preferences.


More electric toothbrush timers are 60 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes long.


As soon as you turn the electrical toothbrush on, the inner components start counting down one 120 seconds or 2 mins, and at the end of the 2 mins cycle, the brush will turn off auto. They'll alert you in some ways, with a pause in the brush head motion, or a change in the sound which includes an alert tone. Then if you want to continue working and could depend on you.

So the timer is built-in could help you brush for the dentist's suggested quantity of time. We consider that that is of importance while choosing an electric toothbrush.

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