Should we put water on the toothbrush? The answers to this are mixed. Some dentists and hygienists suggested not wetting the toothbrush as it dilutes the toothpaste, which reduces its effects. Moreover, in case you do this to make the toothbrush softer, you can buy one with softer bristles.

Those who support wetting the toothbrush say that it has many benefits. For example, it makes the bristles softer, and your experience of brushing your tooth is greater comfortable. The toothpaste sticks on your toothbrush more effectively. Moreover, it rinses the debris that comes in touch together with your toothbrush since the last time you brushed your tooth.

While those benefits are useful for some people, it's better to practice brushing your tooth correctly and use fluoride toothpaste. Again, it’s also a mixed answer.

So, whether or not you wet your toothbrush or not, the correct brushing routine is what matters.

Is it better to put water on toothpaste?

It is by no means suggested combining water and toothpaste due to the fact it could reduce the effectiveness of the toothpaste. However, it's far not unusual to place for people to put the water into their brushing process after applying the use of toothpaste on their toothbrushes or SMART ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH.

Should your toothbrush be wet or dry?

It makes little or no distinction and does not matter rely on on in case you use your toothbrush wet or dry. If you are afflicted by xerostomia (dry mouth), you can wet the toothbrush due to the fact it is able to assist to care for your mouth.

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