Electric toothbrush has been very popular in China since 2014. Many people say that electric toothbrush is IQ tax, there is no need to buy and use it! What does the dentist think about the need to use electric toothbrush, can you use it? Why do most dentists recommend using electric toothbrushes?

 Many people may not know that the dental health problems in our country are relatively serious. The reason for this situation is very clear to dentists. Shu Wei himself concluded that the reason why the dental health of Chinese people is very low lies in the weak awareness of dental care on the one hand and the lack of effective nursing tools on the other hand. Over time, the natural dental quality is much lower than that of many developed countries. We Chinese people have a traditional idea of "dental disease is not disease" on teeth, so many people are very blind to dental care, and even if there is any dental pain will rarely see a doctor in time. Therefore, the dental quality of Chinese people is generally not high.

 Take periodontitis for example, more than 90% of people in China have periodontitis of varying degrees. From the teeth cleaning is not in place, produce food residue, gradually accumulate dental plaque/dental stones, gradually produce gingivitis, periodontitis, etc., this is behind the teeth care is not in place, care awareness is weak!

 So what does this have to do with electric toothbrushes? The difference between an electric toothbrush and a manual toothbrush, as well as the limitations of a manual toothbrush, has to be mentioned.

 Let's start with some key benefits and advantages of electric toothbrushes:

  1.  The advantage of electric toothbrush is that the cleaning force is much better than ordinary toothbrush, especially on the teeth gap, gum groove cleaning more in place. Manual toothbrush In fact, if the manual toothbrush can carefully clean every corner of the tooth, it does not mean that the brush is not clean. The most important thing is that no one will brush their teeth so carefully in the morning.
  2. In addition, the cleaning force of electric toothbrush is even, not like manual toothbrush, some tooth parts are easy to brush clean, some parts are not hard to brush clean, but there will not be a blind area of brushing.
  3. The third part, the high intensity vibration frequency of electric toothbrush can play a certain role in cleaning dental plaque and stubborn tartar. It can be said that it is a nursing tool that can improve dental problems.
  4. Of course, the advantages of saving time and effort of electric toothbrush are often called "lazy magic device" by many people. There are 30 seconds to change the zone, 2 minutes to stop automatically and other functions, which are relatively able to cultivate users' brushing habits.
  5.  In general, electric toothbrush has a much better cleaning effect on teeth and oral cavity. It has a good effect on preventing periodontitis, tooth caries, yellow teeth and other dental diseases, and it also has a good improvement effect on users who have produced dental problems.

 Most dentists recommend electric toothbrushes, but not all electric toothbrushes are suitable for everyone, and not all people are suitable for using electric toothbrushes, such as loose teeth, frequent tooth bleeding and severe pain users must see a doctor in time, and the elderly are not recommended to apply electric toothbrushes.