Many friends want to buy a dental water flosser, but they are persuaded by negative reviews on the Internet every time. Is it necessary to buy a dental water flosser? Does the dentist recommend using a dental water flosser?

 First of all, let’s look at a set of data. The number of adults suffering from dental disease and periodontal disease in my country is high, accounting for more than 90% of the total. The oral environment of Chinese people is becoming more and more complex, and it is more difficult to care for them. There is an urgent need for cleaning tools such as dental water flossers to take care of the oral cavity. Therefore, dentists highly recommend that you use dental water flossers.

 Compared with other cleaning tools, the water flosser has three irreplaceable advantages:

  •  Make up for the cleaning blind spot of the toothbrush. Blind areas such as gaps between teeth, gingival sulcus, and cavities cannot be cleaned by normal brushing, so toothbrush alone cannot thoroughly clean these areas with high incidence of dental diseases. The water flosser can make up for the cleaning blind spot of the toothbrush, and the single-column water flow is more targeted, and can penetrate into these places to efficiently clean the residual soft scale and plaque, thereby preventing dental diseases and improving existing oral diseases.
  •  Massage the gums to relieve gum fatigue. If the gums are not relieved for a long time, it is easy to cause the gums to fatigue, which can easily lead to the decline of the self-healing power of the gums. When the water flosser cleans the mouth, the jetted water can massage, relieve the fatigue of the gums, and improve the self-healing power of the periodontal tissue.
  •  Help orthodontic people take care of their mouths. Braces not only put pressure on the teeth and gums, but also bring many cleaning blind spots, such as the small gaps between the braces and the teeth. The water flosser can rinse these places, making oral cleaning no longer difficult for orthodontic people.

 Dentists support the use of dental water flossers, but not all people are suitable to use them. Before starting a dental water flosser, check yourself whether the dental water flosser is not suitable for people. So who is not suitable for the dental water flosser?

  1.  Children under 7 years old / seniors over 70 years old. The oral environment of these people is fragile and vulnerable!
  2.  Patients with special diseases, such as coagulation disorders, hemophilia patients. People with poor coagulation function may bleed when using the dental water flosser, which may cause the problem of not easy to stop the bleeding, so it is not recommended to use it.
  3.  Severe periodontal disease and gingivitis. Periodontal disease can lead to loose teeth, and the gums will be red, swollen and bleeding. The gums of patients with gingivitis are prone to bleeding under the influence of slight external force. Therefore, the two are not suitable for the use of dental water flossers.
  4.  Patients with oral ulcers. Oral ulcers will lead to ulceration of the oral mucosa, and slight irritation can cause pain in the ulcer surface. Therefore, when using the water flosser, it is inevitable that the wound will be touched, causing pain and discomfort. It is recommended to suspend use.

 In addition to these groups listed above, most people can use the water flosser. Dental water flossers can play a preventive role in healthy teeth, and can play a role in cleaning and relieving symptoms for diseased teeth.

 It is very important to choose the water flosser that suits you, I think you can try our KUSKER Water Flosser to protect your teeth!