I believe that many people are familiar with this product, the dental water flosser,  but there are many controversies about it. One of the questions is whether using the dental water flossers will gaps larger in teeth or not?

 Will using a dental water flosser make the gap between the teeth larger? First of all, let's analyze the reasons that cause the gap between the teeth to become larger, and see if it is related to the water flosser. There are mainly two types of situations that will cause the gap between the teeth to become larger!

  •  When using a dental water flosser, the dirt and tartar attached to the gap between the teeth will be washed away, and after rinsing, the gap between the teeth will feel larger. In fact, this is a relatively common phenomenon. After all, the impact of the water flow of the dental water flosser is not small, and it can clean the dental plaque in it to a certain extent, which is very beneficial for people with healthy teeth.
  •  After brushing your teeth every day, before going to bed or after eating, you can use a dental water flosser, which can effectively remove food residues in the interdental space, so as to ensure the cleanness of the interdental space and help prevent the occurrence of dental inflammation.

 The use of the dental water flosser will cause the gums to become inflamed, red and swollen due to the constant and chronic stimulation of the gums, which will evolve into problems such as gum recession, which will make the gap between the teeth become larger and larger. This situation is also called by many dentists. The so-called water flosser can cause the harmful disadvantages of gingival recession. However, this probability is very small. After all, such a strong impact force of water flow acts on the teeth and gums. If it is obviously abnormal, it is usually used by adjusting the gear strength and nozzle type.

 High-quality products themselves will not cause the gap between the teeth to become larger, and if the teeth are not cleaned properly, it will lead to inflammation of the teeth and gums, and the growth of dental plaque is the root cause of the gap between the teeth! Using a dental water flosser will alleviate this phenomenon. Of course, when we encounter problems such as pain, bleeding, gingival inflammation or redness during use, we should adjust the use level and intensity accordingly.

 The dental water flosser has become very popular in recent years and is recommended by many dentists, which is due to its many benefits, such as:

  1.  It can make up for the cleaning blind spot existing in brushing, and give more efficient cleaning of the teeth and mouth in a more three-dimensional manner.
  2. Because it can be used as long as there is water, oral cleaning can be performed anytime and anywhere, while maintaining fresh breath, it can remove the adhesion of dental bacteria in real time, avoid the formation of dental plaque, and reduce the deposition of calculus, yellow and black teeth.
  3. Applicable to a wide range of people, except for children under 10 years old and the elderly over 70 years old who cannot use it, most people can use it, especially people with more serious dental diseases, orthodontics and dental treatment people can use it, these special groups Do not brush your teeth excessively, or it is difficult to clean your teeth, so the water flosser can be combined with a toothbrush to give better oral cleaning because of its wide applicability.

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