The water flosser is a household oral cleaning device. When in use, the water flosser sprays a pulse of water to clean the plaque and food debris between the teeth and the gums. Using an water flosser can improve gum health and also help to clean aligners and artificial teeth.More than 50 studies have shown that dental water flossers improve periodontal health problems such as gum disease and bad breath, as well as assist in deep cleaning of artificial crowns, implants and aligners.

 How to use the water flosser

  •  When using, adjust the water intensity of the irrigator to the lowest level in advance, and pour warm water into the water floss first, and then pour an appropriate amount of mouthwash.
  •  Lean over the sink so that the water in your mouth can flow directly into the sink after you turn on the flosser.
  •  Aim the nozzle at the gum line, turn on the water floss switch, and adjust the water intensity to ensure comfort.
  •  Move the applicator laterally along the gum line and stop briefly between the teeth. The water flow should always be at a 90-degree angle to the teeth.
  •  After rinsing, turn off the water flosser switch and pour out the excess water in the machine.

 Classification of water flossers

  •  Water pump pressure type tooth punch

The water pump pressure type dental irrigator contains a pump and utilizes the principle of a pulse pump.This type of irrigator is suitable for people who are concerned about oral health or have oral diseases that need treatment.

  •  Portable water pump pressure type water flosser

The portable water pump pressure type tooth irrigator is a portable version of the water pump pressure type tooth irrigator. It uses a battery to provide electrical energy and is convenient to carry out.These irrigators are suitable for people who travel a lot.

  •  Tap water pressure type water flosser

The tap water pressure type irrigator can be directly installed on the faucet. This type of product is generally cheaper and more affordable. It can complete basic interdental cleaning without consuming electricity. It can use water without limit and does not generate heat during use. .This type of dental irrigator is suitable for people with limited economic ability, well-maintained teeth, and only basic interdental cleaning.

 The above three kinds of irrigators, you can buy according to your own preferences!

 How about KUSKER Water flosser

 KUSKER water dental flosser can offer high pressure water pulse 1400-1800 times/min, helps you clean every corner of your mouth.