Thousands of people are transferring from traditional methods to SMART TOOTHBRUSH and WATER FLOSSER because the improvement in technology and devices is making great oral health less difficult to achieves.

Although those devices are great, it's still many doubts and questions concerning them.

While water flossers work in another way than traditional floss, it affords an equal function. They are designed to remove plaque and food and clean in between teeth.

Let's talk about how water flossers work and their characteristics in this article.

 Are water flossers effective?       

Water flossers, additionally called oral irrigators, are special devices able to spray water. This permits you to clean between your tooth and under the gum line.

They are highly effective and make certain that you improve your oral health. However, just as with other devices, the brand and type subjects play an important position in effectiveness.

When it involves quality, the KUSKER K600 water flosser is the best alternative. This water flosser can perform up to 1400-1800 times/minute, permitting it to efficiently remove more plaque around and between teeth.

Does water flosser replace flossing?    

Not entirely. Water flossers can help you to improve your oral health and are extraordinarily effective. However, they're regularly not for use as an alternative but as an aid to the floss.

Nonetheless, they could provide better results than regular flossing in certain circumstances, like:

  • Cleaning around braces
  • Cleaning below fixed bridges
  • Cleaning around dental implants

Furthermore, portable water flossers are a great choice for people with situations that could interfere with regular flossing, such as arthritis.

Traditional flossing calls for good hand dexterity. Therefore, it may be hard for human beings with motor or musculoskeletal disorders. However, water flossing may be easier for those people because it would not require awful precision and is easy to learn.

Lastly, water flossers can help you clean certain hard-to-attain areas in which you may have problems with regular floss.

While the water flosser isn't for use as a substitute for regular flossing, it is a better choice than not flossing at all.

Do water flossers remove plaque?

Not only do water flossers remove food leftovers but also plaque. The pressure of the water is strong enough to remove plaque under the gum line and between the teeth.

Although it's slightly less effective than regular floss, it's still efficient enough to prevent your gum disease. Most people have a tendency to use the water floss first after which continue with regular floss. This allows them to remove most plaque effortlessly and which makes the finishing touches with regular floss.

Conclusively, water flossers, like the KUSKER Water Flosser, are great devices that help to remove plaque and food leftovers efficaciously between teeth and under the gum line. Although they act much like regular floss, they are not intended for use as a replacement for it but as an aid. If you need to improve the health of your gums, then a water flosser is all you want to keep them strong.