Your teeth aren't the only part of your mouth that may get affected by diseases. Due to the vast amount of bacteria, your gums also are susceptible to suffering conditions.

Swelling is a common symptom of gum disease. This common condition impacts heaps of people worldwide. However, it is simple to control and prevent you with good oral hygiene and the aid of an electric toothbrush.

In this weblog article, we will tell you why your gums and swollen and how to make them healthy again.

Why is the back of molars swollen?

For swollen gums are a symptom of gum disease. This is normally caused by plaque build-ups around the teeth, specifically between them and on the gum line.

Plaque contains many elements in its composition, bacteria is one of the most important. While plaque starts to form and grow, bacteria begin attacking and colonizing the place around the gum line. As a result, the gums get swollen and are prone to bleeding. 

Moreover, gums around your molars are more prone to swollen due to their position and the spaces between them. Since they may be withinside the back of the mouth, molars are tougher to clean. Therefore, you could accidentally leave plaque residues on them, which results in swollen gums. 

Furthermore, contrary to your frontal teeth, food leftovers can easily remain hidden between your molars, particularly if you do not floss, it will attract bacteria which causes gum disease and swollen gums.

How can we get rid of swollen gums?

Fortunately, swollen gums and gum ailment are easy to control.Removing plaque with your smart toothbrush can reverse the condition and it will make your gums healthy once again. Nonetheless, it's recommended to apply an electric toothbrush since some areas can be tough to clean.

A sonic smart electric toothbrush can vibrate at high speed. This allows you to remove plaque from each tooth surface entirely. Due to their efficiency, sonic electric toothbrushes can treat gum disease faster than different traditional toothbrushes.

However, quality is a critical element of the toothbrush. KUSKER smart electric toothbrushes are designed to efficiently remove more plaque.

This SONIC ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH is capable of performing  40,000 movements per minute, and there have 5 Brushing Modes & 3 Brushing Strengths. Therefore, it could thoroughly clean the teeth.

Nonetheless, gum disease can not be solely controlled with a high-quality toothbrush alone, It is crucial to supplement it with flossing and healing mouthwash at least once a day. This way, you could make certain that plaque is completely removed from each surface and between teeth.

Conversely, gum disease is the primary cause of swollen gums. Furthermore, the gum around and in the back of your molars are more prone to get swollen because of the challenge it represents cleaning them. However, this may be prevented by using a SMART TOOTHBRUSH and having good oral habits.