No doubt that brushing your tooth can enhance your oral condition; it does not matter what toothbrush you choose- a manual one or an electric toothbrush. 

But now, dentists advise selecting an electric toothbrush over a manual one because it's more effective in removing plaque and preventing periodontal diseases.

Will dentists recommend electric toothbrushes?

Yes, dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush as it could assist remove oral predicaments efficiently if used properly.

A report posted by the Oral Health Foundation shows that electric toothbrushes remove plaque and reduce gingivitis (over time) in comparison to manual toothbrushes.

The round, oscillating head of an electric toothbrush makes it convenient and a good way to reach the rear of your mouth. Additionally, its vibrating bristles allow for greater micro-movements every time you clean your teeth.

So there is no question that a SMART ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH wins the race over a manual one, however, is it worth it?

Can electric toothbrush harm enamel or tooth?

Just if you start to use an electric toothbrush to acquire better oral hygiene, you may worry, " will the electric toothbrush harm enamel or tooth?" It definitely is NO.

There's no threat that a smart electric toothbrush can cause any harm to your enamel or tooth if correctly used.

However, dentists concur that prolonged overbrushing or brushing too vigorously can cause damage to your enamel and gums. Overbrushing for a few weeks won't cause a significant problem, however, if it maintains for months or years, it may appear the electrical toothbrush has brought about oral harm. 

How will electric toothbrushes wear down enamel?

To apprehend how electric toothbrushes can wear down your teeth, it's important to be aware of teeth enamel. Enamel is the outer surface of a tooth and one of the strongest mineral components in a body that prevents dental cavities.

Despite its strength, the enamel might also wear out and can't regenerate. Several elements might also make contributions to the deterioration of enamel-like prolonged exposure to acidic meal items, tooth grinding, negative oral hygiene, etc.

Therefore, there may be no risk that an electric toothbrush can damage your enamel until you brush too aggressively, use a toothbrush with firm bristles, use abrasive toothpaste or a bad way of life and oral hygiene.

Here are the things you ought to remember earlier than deciding on a choice for yourself:

  1. When deciding to use an electric toothbrush, begin with the basics. Electric toothbrushes have different brush head sizes and bristle varieties, like clustered, angled, or rippled. If you're uncertain about what to choose, you could seek a recommendation from your dentist.   
  2. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles due to stiff ones are more likely to cause gum and enamel damage.
  3. a 2-minute timer is a crucial characteristic to consider while buying an electric toothbrush.

People who brush too aggressively might discover a smart electric toothbrush very beneficial as it could control the pressure exerted on your teeth.

Anyone who wears braces will appreciate an electric toothbrush as it is easy to use and can effectively clean all of the areas around all of the brackets and wires.

Choose the proper electric toothbrush and using it properly will help improve your oral condition. Here are the important factors you ought to keep in mind before using an electric toothbrush:

  1. Do you think that the more aggressively you brush your tooth, the more plaque you can remove? Then you ought to understand that applying an excessive amount of pressure on your tooth can irritate your gums and cause teeth decay or damage.
  2. Allow your SNOIC SMART TOOTHBRUSH to do its job as they're designed to ensure the best dental cleaning.
  3. Brushing your teeth must not be too abrasive as it is able to damage your oral health as it can not be restored as soon as the enamel receives worn away. As a result, you can begin experiencing significant oral problems, inclusive of sensitivity.
  4. Get an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor to avoid setting too much pressure on your teeth and reduce the risk of enamel damage. Some electric toothbrushes have a sensor that alerts you while you apply too much pressure, allowing you to lighten your movements and brush extra gently. Consider using them.

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