It is said that the dental water flosser can be used once a day or every two or three days, but in fact, everyone has different gingival constitution, and there is no unified standard for how often to use the dental water flosser.

 Compared with the traditional way of brushing teeth, the biggest advantage of the water flosser is that it can penetrate into the blind area that the toothbrush cannot clean. It can not only keep the oral cavity clean and hygienic, reduce the generation of plaque and effectively remove the odor in the mouth, but also massage to promote the blood circulation of the gums. Relieve swelling, reduce bleeding gums, and fundamentally improve various oral problems such as calculus, bad breath, and gingivitis!

 However, if the water flosser is used frequently, it will cause a certain pressure on the gums. According to oral hygiene and health maintenance, it is best to use the water flosser once a day. However, high-intensity use of sensitive gums will stimulate the gums. Use it for 2-3 days. One time is the most suitable, of course, this is also related to the gentleness of your use of the water flosser.

 A good tooth water flosser will take into account the comfort of different groups of people. While ensuring the cleaning power, it can also take into account the mildness, avoid continuous stimulation of sensitive gums, and can flush the fragile teeth once a day.

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