Teeth represent our health and image to a certain extent. A healthy set of teeth will give people a sense of vitality. And a bad tooth will greatly reduce the personal image.So how can we judge if our teeth are healthy?

 Healthy teeth need to meet the following 4 criteria:

  •  Normal shape and color
  • Orderly rows
  • No oral diseases such as tooth decay and periodontitis
  • The occlusion of the upper and lower teeth is normal

 Meeting these 4 conditions can be considered as healthy and beautiful teeth.

 In fact, you can check whether your teeth are healthy or not at home. When you wash, you may wish to check according to the following aspects to see if there is any problem with your teeth.

  1.  Is there any blood on the bristles when brushing your teeth
  2. Whether there is blood on food when chewing, such as apples, ice cream
  3. Look in the mirror to see if your gums are red or swollen
  4. Whether the teeth are loose, the bite is weak, and the root of the tooth is exposed
  5. Put the palm of your hand in front of your mouth to breathe, and smell for bad breath or bad breath
  6. If you can see tartar and stains, especially on the inside of your lower front teeth
  7. Look in the mirror to see if there is any cavities on each side of your teeth, the typical symptom is discoloration
  8. If you have a toothache when you eat hot or sour, or have a spontaneous toothache or nighttime toothache

 Once you find that your teeth have the above symptoms, you should seek help from a dental specialist as soon as possible for professional examination and treatment.

 Healthy teeth should also be checked regularly

 Nowadays, many people pay more and more attention to physical health, and do a comprehensive physical examination for their body regularly every year. In fact, the same is true of teeth. You need your attention and care, and you need to go to a professional dental medical institution for a comprehensive inspection on a regular basis.

 All dental diseases, like other diseases of the body, have one thing in common: early detection and early treatment, good results, less pain and less cost. When we do a dental check-up every year, we should carry out an important health care work - "cleaning", that is, cleaning our teeth, which is also a gift we give our teeth.

 No matter how seriously we brush our teeth every day and use advanced tools such as dental floss, interstitial brushes, and irrigators, there will inevitably be some corners that cannot be completely cleaned, and everyone will inevitably slack off. Therefore, regular cleaning and thorough cleaning are very necessary.

 Because everyone's dental health is different, so the cleaning cycle is also different. For people with good oral hygiene, it is enough to wash their teeth every six months to one year; for patients with periodontal disease, they need to wash their teeth every three months to six months to prevent the further development of periodontal disease; For smoking patients, we recommend washing once within 3 months and quit smoking as soon as possible.

 We must prevent dental diseases before they occur. As long as we take preventive measures in a timely manner, we can prevent and block the occurrence of diseases.

 Last but not least, take the trouble to remind everyone that keeping your teeth clean is a daily task! Regular check-ups and cleanings are a long-term good habit! Early detection and early treatment of diseased teeth are the winners!