About 90% of people have dental diseases, and the reason why dentists recommend everyone to use a dental water flosser is that it has many benefits and is very suitable for people to take care of their oral cavity.

 First of all, it can clean the blind spots such as gingival sulcus, tooth roots, and interdental spaces that cannot be cleaned by toothbrushes. These places are also high-incidence areas of dental diseases. The dental water flosser can effectively remove plaque and better prevent and improve periodontal disease; Secondly, it can also massage the gums, periodontal tissue does not circulate blood for a long time, and it is easy to cause periodontal disease under the pressure of braces and braces for a long time. Prevent and improve periodontal disease. Consistent use can whiten teeth and freshen breath.

 After understanding the benefits of a dental water flosser, how to choose a dental water flosser that suits you? For this reason, I have compiled six tips for you to choose a dental water flosser, as follows:

  1. Choose brand products with technical strength. The adjustment deviation of hundreds of parameters, such as pulse frequency stability, pressure switching sensitivity, water flow fineness, and crowd matching, for a brand with technical strength may be dozens of times lower than that of an OEM, while a manufacturer without technical strength simply cannot. I am willing to spend energy and cost on these "invisible parameters" to conduct in-depth research and development tests, and the products produced in this way have a very high rate of tooth damage!
  2.  Reject low-priced products. You get what you pay for, and low price means inferior quality. Low cost often means that good materials cannot be used, and the selection of some core components is also inferior, which brings a series of performance instability.
  3.  Pay attention to nozzle selection. Special reminder that the nozzle must be equipped with a variety of nozzles, because our oral parts are different, matching different nozzles can clean more cleanly.
  4.  The choice of product spraying method. There are three main types, but the ultrasonic and microbubble modes are not recommended. The ultrasonic tooth damage rate is high and the microbubble cleaning effect is poor. And the pulse mode is the best, with high comfort and good cleaning effect.
  5.  See after-sales policy. Many people only look at the current experience and often ignore after-sales issues. Of course, the longer the warranty period of the product, the better, so that when there is a problem, there can be a guarantee, and the cost of the nozzle should be lower. The most important thing is to see whether there is a policy that supports trial. If you can support trial, you can choose decisively, completely avoiding the risk of improper product purchase.
  6.  Pay attention to the pressure range. The pressure range affects the applicable range and adjustability of the product. We all know that the condition of each body is not static, and the same is true of our oral condition. In the face of this situation, those products with a wider pressure range are our first choice, because they can be more adaptable to changes in the body.

 The above are the 6 suggestions for choosing a dental water flosser that I recommend to you today. How to choose a dental water flosser depends on your oral condition. The oral conditions are different, and the suitable products are different, but it is best to choose the stronger ones first. professional brand. In addition, everyone can pay more attention to observe and feel the state of their oral cavity, and adjust the mode and gear of the water flosser in time, so that the water flosser can really be used by us and help us protect the oral cavity in our daily life.