Full Screen Ring Light Clip on Laptop Monitor, Circle Computer Webcam Camera Lights for Zoom Call/Video Recording/Live Streaming/Self Broadcasting/Tiktok/Youtube/Working

 As a new content production method, live streaming has been out of control since its rise in 2016. From the initial game live broadcast and outdoor live broadcast to the very popular live broadcast in the past two years, all kinds of content have become more and more comprehensive, and the user group has become more and more extensive. The explosion of the live broadcast industry has also led to the development of peripheral products and equipment, such as common cameras, sound cards, earphone microphones, and later stage mixers, and now only a mobile phone + fill light can be used for live broadcasting. Of course, in addition to live broadcasting, online conferences or other self-media creations also require the blessing of live broadcast lights. If you want to be photogenic, good auxiliary equipment is essential. Recently, our KDD brand has launched a new live light product, let's take a look at how this product performs.

 About this item

  1. Upgrade Full Screen Fill Light. KDD zoom light has a round, full-screen design with 169 light beads and its light-emitting area is 4 times than that of a normal mini ring light. Compared with other clip on ring light, it emits a more uniform and brighter light, no shadow, no glare. This led video lights is the best choice for zoom meeting, live streaming, makeup, video conference, self broadcasting, Tiktok and Youtube video etc.
  2. Edge-Lit LED Ring Light. The laptop light for video conferencing adopts side lighting technology, combined with soft light panel, providing indirect, ultra-soft illumination. The soft light makes your skin look natural and shapes three-dimensional facial features, which show your beauty while protecting your eyes.
  3. Stable Spring Clamp with Camera Hole. The lightweight clip with silicone pad can better protect your monitors and laptops. Equipped with bottom 1/4” hole, the streaming light can be mounted on tripod stand, selfie stick or any devices with standard 1/4"-20 thread. And the clip is pre-drilled with a camera hole that won't block the camera, making it perfect for interview video, zoom calls, video recording, podcasting, remote working.
  4. 3 Color Modes & 10 Level Brightness. This ring light for computer has 3 lighting modes for choose-natural white, cold white, warm light and color temperature ranges from 3000K to 6500K. Each mode can be set in 10 levels brightness, allowing you to get the perfect lighting in different environments.
  5. Flexible Angle Adjustment. This video conference light can be rotated 360°, which lets you easily adjust the computer video light to find fill light angle while taking photos or having video conferencing. If you don't want the light to shine directly on your face, you can tilt it backward or forward as it can be adjusted 160° in vertical.

 Effectively Improve Your Video Conferencing Experience

KDD video conference light is designed for people who have a lot of video chat!The full screen camera light illuminates the face more evenly than other regular ring lights, no glare, no shadow. 10 level brightness, 3 color temperatures, stable clip-on clamp, 360°adjustment of fill light angle. Easily change your ideal lighting to make your skin look perfect and provide high quality compact lighting under different environments.

This clip of zoom lighting for video conferencing comes with silicone pad. It won't cause any damage to your screen nor cover the camera on laptop. Just enjoy your streaming/recording/ conferencing time without worrying about your screen being damaged by the clip.

This clip on video light is the best choice for zoom meeting, live streaming, makeup, video conference, self broadcasting, interview video, zoom calls, video recording, podcasting, remote working, Tiktok and Youtube video etc.

 Compared with other lights

There is compact and lightweight clip with camera hole on our KDD Video Conference Lighting Kit, which can offer a best partner for your video conference 、live streaming、 shooting 、make up 、online class and working.