Many people are troubled by the yellowing of their teeth in their lives, and they are looking for ways to whiten their teeth in various ways, if they want to whiten their teeth. It is very necessary for us to understand what causes our teeth to turn yellow, let us understand the reasons for our teeth to turn yellow, and then learn some methods of teeth whitening.

 3 reasons about yellow teeth:

1. Tooth surface bacteria

People who don't pay attention to oral hygiene for a long time, if they don't brush their teeth frequently or don't brush them clean, it will cause a lot of bacteria to adhere to our teeth. Excessive accumulation of bacteria will lead to the formation of dental plaque, which will naturally cause the teeth to become yellower and yellower, and even cause a series of problems such as tooth decay.

 2. Drug factor

Regular use of certain medications can also cause teeth to turn yellow, the more common ones being tetracyclines. Long-term consumption of this type of drug will cause some substances in the drug to deposit in the dentin, thus making the teeth turn yellow, brown or even dark gray. This phenomenon is clinically called tetracycline teeth and is relatively common. .

3.  Lack of calcium

Teeth are an important part of our internal skeleton, and it also requires adequate calcium supplementation. When the calcium element in the body is insufficient, the hardness of the teeth and the ability to resist food erosion will be greatly reduced, and the ability of the teeth to absorb food on the food will become stronger. In this case, it is easy to cause pigmentation, causing the teeth to turn yellow.

 How to deal with yellowing teeth?

The above three reasons are the common causes of teeth yellowing, let’s learn how to whiten teeth?

  1.  First of all, it is recommended to clean your teeth regularly in your life. Teeth scaling is a way to help clean your mouth and whiten your teeth. Although we all have the habit of brushing our teeth in our lives, many people do not brush their teeth completely. If it goes on for a long time, it will easily cause pigments and other residues on the teeth, causing the teeth to turn yellow. Teeth cleaning can help remove some calculus and bacteria on the teeth, and can have a very good tooth whitening effect. People with teeth whitening purposes can regularly clean their teeth.
  2.  Secondly, pay attention to maintaining good living habits in daily life. Drink less dark beverages, such as coffee, cola, etc. People with smoking habits are advised to quit smoking. These small details in life can also effectively whiten teeth, but it takes long-term persistence.
  3.  Then, there is another common way of tooth whitening is cold light whitening. Cold light whitening is to use cold laser light to irradiate the teeth coated with bleaching agent to change the color of the dentin and make the teeth whiter. Relatively speaking, this tooth whitening The method is more efficient, but it needs to cost a lot of money, and you still have to choose according to your own conditions.
  4.  Finally, we will introduce a widely recommended minimally invasive procedure for teeth whitening and restoration—dental veneers. Among dental veneers, porcelain veneers have the best simulation effect. They only need to wear very little tooth tissue, and have little irritation to the gums. You can also choose the color of the teeth by yourself, which can basically achieve the effect of real ones.

 Folk remedies for teeth whitening are not advisable

There are still many folk remedies for teeth whitening in life, but these remedies are not advisable. The more common ones are lemonade or vinegar teeth whitening, and whitening gum, etc. These methods are very undesirable. Long-term consumption of acidic substances is likely to corrode the surface of the teeth and damage the enamel. Although this can achieve a certain effect of teeth whitening, it will make your teeth thinner and thinner, which is very detrimental to dental health.